Find out how 'happier' can look for you with the
Flourish Boldly Program
Flourish Boldly is a heart-felt program to help you triumph over the things that have brought you down so you can rise back up and experience an abundance of 
joy, connection, and fulfillment 
{the way that was intended for you to live and that you have every potential to experience!}.

Through this warm, unique, and user-friendly program you will...
Discover what's 
holding you back
Discover the hidden 'things' that are impacting your wellbeing, are overwhelming, and are keeping you stuck where you don't want to be. These could be the things that you're struggling with, that your striving against, stressing about, and are leaving your emotionally exhausted...
Get a practical toolkit to apply Immediately
Gain practical tools to help you get 'unstuck' and moving forward again. These are all validated techniques used around the globe yet are hand-picked especially for the beautiful participants of the Flourish Boldly program {you know they're special, just like you!}
Find how lasting 'happy' looks for you
Discover your core foundations that secure you and provide an anchor through the storms of life. Applying the practical toolkit of strategies given to you through the program can help to increase your emotional wellbeing and experiencing greater joy, connection, fulfillment much more
What you get 
There's all sorts of goodness in store for you through the Flourish Boldly program, some of which includes {but is not limited to!}....
Engaging content
Easy to understand content accessed conveniently through the Flourish Boldly Learning Portal. This includes a weekly video + downloadable/printable workbook to help increase your depth of learning
Tailored timeframes
The program has been structured so that it can fit easily within even the busiest of schedules, including yours! You complete it all online, in your own time. It's recommended that you complete one module per week, however this is totally up to you and the time you create to complete it.
Support Just for You
When engaging in a process of change, many people often have arising questions about how the material covered fits with their personal circumstances. This is why the program is structured to include unlimited email support PLUS a 1:1 coaching call where needed.
... and these things are just the beginning
What others have to say...
Elena Yusim, Psychologist

"The Flourish Boldly Program... What a game changer.
Being supported by a psychologist who is as emotionally and spiritually intelligent as Cath is such a relief from the “go get em life coaches” Ra ra .... Blah. 
From the first moment I clicked on the Flourish Boldly program, I was hooked. Every week I waited to see Cath’s face and encouraging words to greet me in the weeks learning video. The resources were in-depth, encouraging and motivational.  
My biggest take away was learning more about me, not about everyone else in my life. Following this six week course that literally will be with me for much longer, I’m shining a spotlight on me, getting to know that woman again. I look forward to the ones closest to me noticing that something a little more luminous about me, and that's thanks to Cath and this program "
Pat Hegarty, Senior Pastor

"As a facilitator of challenging growth material, Cath combines a wealth of skills & knowledge with an an ability to infuse self-belief and optimism in those she mentors. 

She can not only identify road-blocks to progress, she gives real hope that breakthrough is possible".
Dr. Marcele de Sanctis, CEO and Organisational Psychologist

"If you are looking for an amazing coach, look no further! Cath has been an integral part of the senior team at Centre For Leadership Advantage since 2015. She's led numerous leadership and personal development programs, always achieving results that thrill and delight those involved. 

She has a unique mix of skills and uses her professional knowledge and personal experience to help individuals and groups achieve success. She is incredibly warm, friendly, approachable, insightful and caring. 

With Cath, you get someone who will be fully invested in your personal growth journey and who will do everything she can to bring you the best-in-class and most progressive, yet simple, tools to help you Flourish Boldly. I could not recommend Cath highly enough, she's the best! 
Rearn Norman, Senior Psychologist

"I've known Cath for a number of years now having worked together closely on a number of projects. 
She is someone who you can instantly feel comfortable with, and you can have complete confidence in her ability to support and encourage you - regardless of your situation and the journey you are on. 
Cath brings so much experience and will be a positive force in your life. I highly recommend working with her if you're looking to achieve lasting results/change".
Discover how the path to 'happier' may just surprise you...