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Free to Flourish: A Fresh Take on the Art and Science of thriving in 

$4.95 AUD

New book by Psychologist and Coach, Cath Doocey reveals in a simple and heart-warming manner the steps to take to help you start flourishing in 

{N.B. This is a digital product that comes with a BONUS workbook plus a selection of other lovely surprises...}
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Dynamically Updated

ONE TIME OFFER - Only $1.95 AUD: Grab this beautifully designed 'Strengths Blueprint' to help embed what you learn about your yourself in Chapter 2 of Free to Flourish. Select your favourite out of the 3 beautiful designs, print, and complete so you can keep your strengths front-of-mind and prime yourself to start FLOURISHING sooner. Click YES to add this to your order now for just A$1.95.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll receive…
  • A comprehensive workbook with all you need to get step onto your path to flourishing TODAY!
  • A series of 3 x beautifully crafted {not-so!} SURPRISE bonuses to help extend what you'll learn throughout the book 
  • Find out the truth about why your search for happiness could be what’s making you UNhappy - pg 22
  • Learn the 3 simple things you need to know NOW to get you on your way to better days - pg 19
  • Find out what do to next if you have tried everything, and still NOTHING has changed for you - pg 16
  • Learn the #1 mistake that MAJORITY of us make when it comes to creating lasting change - pg 18
  • Discover how to STOP the ‘Bright and Shiny’ syndrome {and the negative effects it’s having on you} - pg 9
  • [TRUTH TALK] your circumstances DO NOT mean that there’s something wrong with you – pg 16
  • Learn the #1 technique that has had the GREATEST IMPACT on my clients to-date – pg 49
  • Gain clarity on WHY what you’ve been doing isn’t working {...finally!} - pg 38
  • Uncover the little known ‘stress-mistake’ vicious cycle so you can avoid it – pg 15
  • Learn the ideal ratio of positive to negative emotions {because all emotions serve a purpose!} - pg 39
  • Learn a catchy way to remember the indicators of better days {so you know with CERTAINTY when you’re in them} – pg 39
  • Realize WHY 'Facebook friends' can’t help you to flourish – pg 42
  • Find your GAME CHANGER to creating more joy, engagement, and fulfilment in love, career, and life - pg 45
  • DECLARE your determination to flourish {and get a certificate to prove it!} - pg 48
  •  [TRUTH TALK] You can’t expect to thrive if you don’t have THIS in place – pg 26
  • What clashes in personality are REALLY all about - pg 51
  • Think you’ve got no control over what happens to you? Think again with this case study - pg 56
  • Find out your secret superpowers that light you up from the inside out - pg 58
  • Understand why just 'happy' SHOULDN’T be your goal - pg 61
  • [WARNING] Where looking for the answers in the wrong places can take you - pg 62
  • Find out your unique FORMULA for flourishing - pg 63
  • Master your mindset loop so you can BLAST the negative self-sabotaging talk out of your mind FOR GOOD – pg 31
  • Understand what the right questions are to ask that will help you work out what REALLY MATTERS to you – pg 53
  • [NEUROSCIENCE 101] cover the basics of brain science so you can understand why you do what you do – pg 53
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