Get set to thrive baby thrive...!
It's time to stop striving and start thriving...

What joy it is to introduce you to the 5 to Thrive Program! 
This is a fast-paced, fun, and fabulous program that helps you find what your superpower strengths are, and STEPS YOU THROUGH how to use them so you can start generating MORE of the fantastic feels...

With a new area of focus each week for the 5 weeks, this will help you to start thriving in no time!

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The 'Five to Thrive' Program 
There's nothing quite like it...
We have all been blessed with a unique combination of strengths, that when regularly used, bring with them all the good feels. Using a globally validated assessment, uncover your secret superpowers and discover what goodness awaits for you in using them...
The words 'ordinary' and 'joy' don't often go together... well, not until you incorporate your Signature Strengths into the equation that is! Through the program, you will be guided in the 'how' and 'where' of applying your strengths to help you begin to 'find joy in the ordinary'...
The outcomes of regularly applying your strengths across a range of areas has been well documented, with some of the more significant outcomes being increased energy, reinvigorated enthusisam, and happiness that lasts for some time. 
...and don't we all want more of this?
Here's how it works... 
The program is conveniently accessed through the '5 to Thrive Learning Portal'. Inside you gain weekly access to a set of 5 x 5 min videos, each providing a fun yet easy-to-follow 5-step process, + a cute e-workbook to write things down in to help keep you on track. 

Areas of focus include:
Week 1: 
'Strengths Spotlight Week'
Your Superpower Strengths
Week 2: 
'Happiness Week'
Using your strengths to boost wellbeing 
Week 3:
'Boss Lady Work Week'
Using your strengths at work 
Week 4: 
'Resilience Week'
Using your strengths to boost your resilience 
Week 5: 
'Relationships Week'
Using your strengths to enhance your connection with others
What the experts have to say about your facilitator, Cath...
Dr. Marcele de Sanctis, CEO and Organisational Psychologist

"If you are looking for an amazing coach, look no further! Cath has been an integral part of the senior team at Centre For Leadership Advantage since 2015. She's led numerous leadership and personal development programs, always achieving results that thrill and delight those involved. 

She has a unique mix of skills and uses her professional knowledge and personal experience to help individuals and groups achieve success. She is incredibly warm, friendly, approachable, insightful and caring. 

With Cath, you get someone who will be fully invested in your personal growth journey and who will do everything she can to bring you the best-in-class and most progressive, yet simple, tools to help you Flourish Boldly. I could not recommend Cath highly enough, she's the best! 
Rearn Norman, Senior Psychologist

"I've known Cath for a number of years now having worked together closely on a number of projects. 
She is someone who you can instantly feel comfortable with, and you can have complete confidence in her ability to support and encourage you - regardless of your situation and the journey you are on. 
Cath brings so much experience and will be a positive force in your life. I highly recommend working with her if you're looking to achieve lasting results/change".
Discover the goodness that can come through using your strengths, today...
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